Thursday, June 16, 2011

in the studio - again

A few weeks ago I came across some very old family photos, as well as a scrapbook from the 1870's.  One of the texts in the scrapbook was a newspaper article written in 1871 which talked about how women are hard to teach obedience, however they are rather good listeners,  The article was beautifully written and felt like an open invitation to play with it, so I chose several pictures of university educated women of the time and I wanted to include a number of direct quotes from the article.  I just played with my papers and paints and I learned several things.  First, there is such a thing as too much color.  Second, it's better to paste a cutout of the person rather than the whole picture.  Third, I really need to find a better script or buy some waterproof calligraphy pens.  Fourth, it's time I started working with Photoshop.

I do like the composition and the accents of the piece.  I also learned that I love mixing paint with gel medium for texture and added decorative touches.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, particularly if you've worked with mixed media before and have some helpful tips to share!

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