Monday, October 31, 2011

thoughts on a monday

I read an article by Charles Eisenstein in Ode Magazine this morning in which the author points out that the gods used to be in nature, and then became elevated above it, moving into the heavens.  The same has happened with our relationship to "spirit":  where once it was seen as an integral part of all that surrounds us, now we see it as separate as well.

This is where mindfulness comes in:  experiencing how that infinite part of ourselves is connecting to the world through this human body of ours.

Every time I am being mindful, I bring my spirit center into myself, rather than seeking a spiritual experience outside myself, outside the ordinary.

Every time I am truly present in my life, in my body, my spiritual aspect is learning and transforming at the same time, integrating my experience.

At the same time, every time I am present, the most spiritual part of myself can also come to expression, truly transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, the holy.

One day, I would love to have the courage to meet people, in the moment, mindfully, in a spiritually intimate way.  To let that part of me penetrate my thoughts and actions where it is open to everyone.  I do think we all carry the responsibility to choose and engage in this way, to the best of our abilitiel.  One day, but maybe not yet today.

Today I will simply try to stay mindful of my consumption.

And you?  What are your thoughts on this?

Happy Halloween!

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