Friday, January 13, 2012

mixed media collage

I just checked my blog traffic and I realize that there are a lot more people visiting here than I was aware of.  Welcome!  I would love it if all who read this would leave a brief comment (even if you're my FB friend) and let me know where you're posting from and what brought you here.  Thank you!

Today we're all a little off rhythm.  Yesterday was a snow day and school started two hours late this morning.  Our carpool driver was delayed because there was a minor skidding incident (thankfully nobody and nothing was hurt, we hear he was very, very lucky), and the children only spent four hours in school.

I did use my time productively though, and finished up a collage work that I began early in the summer.  Somehow I was missing something in the piece, so it wouldn't come together.  But earlier this week I was speaking with an acquaintance about how much time you can spend in a studio just thinking about what you want to do instead of actually getting to work.  She suggested I post some motivating phrases on the wall, but since that isn't entirely my style, I came up with this instead:

After painting the background with thick fluid acrylics to build up some texture, I added sand, shells, a few pieces of coral and a rock to the foreground.  It's amazing what you can find around the house!  The ladies on the left are copied from an old family photograph (though I don't think anyone knows who they are), the other pictures were cut out a long time ago from magazines.  I added a final glaze of self-leveling gel.  Voila!  I had a lot of fun with it and now it will hang in my studio to remind me that you do need to make that first step happen if you want to complete anything. 

Hopefully it will help me cut down a bit on my dreaming time and increase my doing-time.


  1. looks great! makes me wanna jump out of the snow and into the cool, blue the turquoise!

    1. Thanks, Emily. Maybe it is the cold that inspired me to want to be by the sea...