Tuesday, January 17, 2012

slow tuesday

It's raining outside, and that seems to perfeclty match the mood in our home, where the sniffles are making their way around and it feels oh, so quiet.  There is much snuggling, reading and tea sipping going on.  The children have been home five of the last six days, so it's beginning to feel like winter break all over again.  I love the slow quietness, and I know the girls won't be the only ones who'll be sad to see this kind of togetherness end when they return to school tomorrow.

The dog has adopted an old blanket and, ahem, our floor pillows.  Poor thing, he was born in Hawai'i and really prefers to be warm by the woodstove.  The snow is really not his favorite.  Meanwhile the children have adopted my favorite hammock chair.....

Since the living room has been invaded and taken over by them, this Mama had to make a cup of tea and find a place to sit in her studio.  And so at last I was able to finish the tiny shelf the twelve-year-old has requested I paint for her weeks ago.  A little color to brighten up this day:

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