Thursday, February 9, 2012

some pants for a girl

She loved her Christmas skirt much that she asked if I could make her pants next.  I used this project to get to know my new serger (thank you, Paul and Karin for that!) and could not believe how much faster it sews.  Once I had it threaded and tested, I asked the girl to pick her fabrics from my stash of thrifted cotton tshirts.  I took some of her pants and measured.  She's a size 8-10 and the pattern was easy to make as the back is 1-2 inches wider than the front.

When she had picked the fabrics she wanted to use, we played around with the order and came up with the front of the pants.  She decided that she wanted the same fabrics on the back but in reverse order.

I assembled the legs, then added a waistband with elastic and hemmed the cuffs on my sewing machine.  Finally I decorated with a little flower and bird as a surprise.

Tonight there is a very, very happy girl in the house.  She cannot wait to wear them to school tomorrow.

Sorry for the light posting lately.  I have been dealing with a bad cold and some other health issues but hope to get back to more activities soon.

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