Monday, March 5, 2012

in like a lion

We finally got the big snowstorm we've been waiting for since Halloween!

Here I was thinking it was almost time to put those boots away, but clearly that was a bit premature...  It snowed steadily for about 24 hours, then it got warmer and the snow changed to drizzle.  And right at dusk, we saw magic climbing up the hill, wrapping us in a soft blanket of mist against the darkening sky.

Eerily beautiful. And luckily, after the rain subsided and froze into a solid crust on top of the snow, we discovered that we had the ideal sledding conditions in our back yard.

ready, set, go!

The dogs joined in the fun. Ours is called Finn and is the brown one.  The white fluffball belongs to a neighbor, and, appropriately, goes by the name of Yeti.

I hope your weekend was lovely.  Have a great week!

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