Saturday, April 7, 2012

well, hello there!

Dear friends, I tried to post a couple of weeks ago and couldn't upload any pictures, so here is what's been going on in the last month:

There may have been a minor accident involving a very icy road, a pair of glasses and a head:

Luckily, it only took a week for the black eye to heal and now I'm left with a lovely scar.
There was more snow:

There was a visit to a nearby farm which included meeting the new lambs and watching their antics,

Gathering still-warm eggs from under the chickens in the henhouse
Making friends with one of the herd's llamas and it's amazing eyelashes

Apparently llamas are wonderful guard animals because they integrate well with sheep and goats and have been known to drive off predators of all kinds, including bears.  Beautiful and feisty!

Finally, we were treated to a demonstration of working with sheep dogs.  This farmer generally uses several dogs at the same time.  On this day he used four border collies to herd his flock of year old ewes.

This was a special treat for Youngest daughter, who is enthralled with all things sheep and border collies.  It's amazing to see the focus and speed on these dogs.  After their herding, we threw a frisby around for them, which was just the perfect end to a lovely visit.

In other happenings, we learned to prune our apple trees,
celebrated a birthday and the first crocuses,

and got quite serious about planning our spring planting.

And with that, spring is most definitely here and life is busier than ever.  More news very soon!

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