Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

I have never posted for Veteran's Day before.  My grandfather served in WWII for Hitler's army (though he was a lifelong member of the opposition Social Democratic Party) and died of the consequences of his injuries sustained at the Russian front after many years of suffering.  My other grandfather worked in the steelmills and was excused from  military service to keep the war machine going.  As you can imagine, the veterans of the Second World War were not exactly welcomed home as heroes.  Instead, in Germany on this day we commemmorate the end of the First World War, at 11:11 am.

Coming to the USA after having grown up with an awareness of how destructive military might can be in the wrong hands, I understandably have always had an uneasy relationship with any military matters.  But over time I have learned how important the military has been to this country and the world.  I have met veterans in families dear to me, and though I have never supported the wars the government is fighting in the Middle East, I have nothing but admiration for those who would enter this line of work willingly to defend this country and/or its ideals.

Today I was listening to State of the Reunion on the radio and heard the story of Archie's Acres Farm in California.  I was moved by the work that is done there in providing marines with a learning experience in sustainable agriculture.  With so many vets returning home with PTSD, physical injuries, lack of employment and often lack of services or even a home, it was truly heartening to hear about the Veterans for Sustainable Agriculture (VSAT) program.  The training program prepares these men and women to move into their own farming careers with confidence.

I think this is something we can all celebrate.

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