Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Somehow this year I have lived into an alternate rhythm of crafting and "arting."  While I spent much of 2011 obsessed with socks (I really should post a picture one of these days) and a cardigan, lately I've been drawn back to my paints and gel medium.  Here are a couple of the results:

I've had a hard time taking a picture that brought out the true colors, so here is a closeup:

It's a gessoed 2'x2' panel with collage papers, stickers and written words.  Then I painted a Sun Mandala and the crow on top. It reflects my mood of autumn, on one hand bursting with color, on the other going inward to a place of dreaminess for a while... hope you like it!

This piece contrasts nicely with the one I created towards the end of summer:

Here, I collaged and painted papers onto an oval canvas.  I then sculpted the tree trunk, roots and branches out of gel medium before adding leaves and writing.  It is called "Our Family Tree."  In the photo, the tree trunk appears very shiny or speckled with white.  Without the reflection of the light, it is a shiny brown color.

It was a lot of fun making these, though I am now tending towards smaller pieces.  I have one more in the works, then it will be back to crafting until after the holidays.

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