Wednesday, December 14, 2011

where I have been

Oh my, how could so much time pass so quickly?  There have been a few trips out of town and such, but in one word, what has kept me so busy is the makings of the season:

At the moment I'm in love with upcycled cotton shirts.  As a pattern for a simple skirt, I just cut out widening strips of different fabric and then sewed ten of them together into a tube.  For the waistband, I added an adult mock turtleneck, and after cutting the length, I went around the bottom with a zigzag stitch.

(Dear Santa, I could really use a serger to finish the seams more nicely).

A doll for a child in the making.

This felt dragon comes from the latest issue of Living Crafts magazine and will become a sweet stuffed animal for our youngest cousin.

The beginnings of the "Men's Rustic Scarf" from Last- Minute Knitted Gifts.  Instead of chunky wool I used this luscious Plymouth Yarn Mushishi in worsted weight, which knits up very nicely and is super soft.  There are some beautiful colorways in this, but I stuck with a basic black/white/gray for this project. 

And of course we have been baking.  I forgot to take out the camera for the many cookies we have made, but yesterday my dear husband baked some yummy lussekatter (saffron buns) for the Santa Lucia celebration at school.  They are beautiful and light and slightly sweet, just perfect with a cup of hot cocoa.

But I have not been the only one making things around here.  A few nights ago I came into my bedroom to find these sweet little people on my pillow.  Chances are that if you come to our house and are deemed worthy a present by the resident nine-year old, you may be presented with one of these.  And if you are extra lucky, they may even contain a treat or two.

Many more gifts are taking shape as the house is covered in bits of paper, wool, thread and all manner of other craft supplies.  There is lots of whispering, urgent trips into town and feverish preparations of secret Santa gifts.  This may just be my very favorite time of the year!

And what have you been making?  Please share in the comments!  And above all, Happy Crafting!

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