Monday, June 6, 2011

heart is where the home is

... or will be very soon.We are counting the days until we get to move into the new home, which we have all deeply fallen in love with.

this is the first view of the house as you enter the driveway.  I have started to call the tree on the left the "reading tree."  It is the perfect spot to steal away for a little quiet time with a good book.

As you continue up the drive, it curves around the other side of the house, which on closer inspection turns out to actually be the front.  This is the least attractive side of the house, in my opinion, and it makes me dream of painting it sky blue one day...

Here is the full view from the back of the house, with the garage on the left (the hot tub will be gone by the time we move in), the three season porch off the kitchen, the french doors opening from the living room. and the sunroom (aka my studio) which comes off the downstairs bedroom.

The garden contains a beautifully landscaped small pond that appears to have some resident turtles.  Behind the trees that surround it, there is a lovely garden with (as far as I can tell) blueberries, raspberries, asparagus, onions and a couple of apple trees.  We plan to expand it to grow many more vegetables next year, though that will probably require a deer fence.

On the other side of the house stands a small shed, which on closer inspection turned out to be a chicken coop:

Since these pictures were taken a month ago, the trees have fully leafed out so the house is hidden from the road.  I have big dreams of a wonderful vegetable garden and a separate kitchen and medicinal herb garden, bees, chickens and a small angora rabbitry for the children.  The grassy slope near the driveway wants many wildflowers, I think, and just like the current owner, we may well offer the lower portion of the hill as grazing land for the neighbor's four horses.  So many plans and dreams, our hearts are there already.


  1. So glad to see pictures of your BEAUTIFUL home, Kristen. I look forward to visiting soon. We will definitely be up the first week in August, but you'll probably be gone. Maybe I'll get in more time as well, we'll see.

    I'm so happy for you! - Marta

  2. That is beautiful! Your comment about going around back to what is actually the front is exactly what our house in Vermont is like. What you see from the road/driveway as you come up is actually the back of the house.