Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's been a week...

...and what a busy week it's been!  Between power outages, loss of internet, children's sleepovers, getting ready for a move and a very special someone's birthday, we've been very, very busy.  My "miracle baby" turned nine (NINE!) on Saturday.  We celebrated with cake and presents 

I guess when you add all the gifts sent from grandparents, aunts and uncles, it really does add up!

On Sunday we had the birthday party.  Our original plan was to go swimming at a dam lake, but it was cold and rainy so instead everyone came to our house and we played the Scaventure Kids game, which had been a hit at a previous party for a different age group.  There was also a significant amount of running around the backyard playing ball, and a water balloon fight as well as plenty of snacks.

Making these last minute impromptu changes was fun because it allowed us no time to stress or really think about it, so it all came out just spontaneously and everyone had a great time.

It never stops surprising me how seven children fit into the tiniest corner of our living room to open presents, and only moments later they fully take up 1/2 acre of backyard with their activities.  The wonders of 8 year olds!  Maybe that is why I spent most of Monday having a quiet day in bed!

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