Sunday, February 12, 2012

I went in the garden...

 I have been trying to post the following for several days now but somehow blogger currently has it's own ideas about where pictures should go. So please bear with me, I hope I can resolve this soon.

Friday reached 43 degrees here, so I took the opportunity to check in on the garden.  I have missed working out there, and I cut back the asparagus and trimmed some of the raspberry vines I didn't get to in the fall.  I had my camera with me and found a few surprises.

last year's blossoms still holding on

bulbs beginning to peek through the soil

tiny buds on the apple trees

more bulbs

I am particularly enjoying these pictures now as the temperatures have dropped dramatically and spring certainly feels a long way of.  And yet, there it is, on it's way.  Time to plan my indoor seed plantings!

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