Wednesday, February 22, 2012


sometimes when you are nine years old life gets kind of complicated.  That's when you write your mother a note making sure to let her know how "miserabul" you are.  Sometimes it is just at this moment that visitors intrude in your space, people whom you love but cannot welcome gracefully right now.  Sometimes that makes you feel less than kind towards them and you might tell them things like they're "annoying".  Sometimes you just cannot stand the idea of going with everyone else's flow and you need the grownups to see that.  Sometimes you are able to express all your messy feelings.  Sometimes you get what you need: two hours of mommy-time in a busy weekend with friends.  Sometimes this means a vanilla steamer and clam chowder and a quick trip to the candy store. 

Sometimes that is just what you need to be restored to your cheerful self.  And as a mother, sometimes you're amazed how an hour doing just exactly what she wants is the best medicine of all.

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