Monday, January 30, 2012

a little creating on the weekend

We didn't have much planned this weekend, and that was just fine by me.  On Saturday I went dancing with the younger child, having some special time with her being goofy.  Then we ran a few errands, and in the afternoon both girls had playdates.  A great opportunity for me to steal away into my creating space and finish the piece I've been working on.

I started with some nice scraps of paper glued onto my canvas, then painted with several layers of Golden acrylics.  I applied some homemade stencils over the top (snowflakes, I'm in a wintry mood).  The bird I scetched by hand and then collaged with the front page of the New York Times.  It didn't excite me when I was finished, so I pasted lace over the top of it, which gives it a softer feeling.  I really enjoyed creating a background of curlycew doodles, over which I painted a very basic tree.  I designed the Mandala with the help of my nifty Geometrigraph and Polygraph Set which my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas.  So fun!  The final touches are three small embroidered mirrors.  The whole piece is about 11x14" and is currently hanging in my studio

It's not until you post photos that you realize that the walls are crying out for paint

I seem to be really into blues these days... the urge to create something more colorful is beginning to assert itself, I can't wait to see where it leads.

Meanwhile my space has been taken over by a certain nine-year old who just needed to make a mailbox this weekend:

After much hammering outside my bedroom yesterday afternoon, today it needed painting.  (Note to family:  next time, could we try the garage or the mudroom or the basement?...pretty please!)
Now my mind is turing to sewing again.  The girl child has asked for mommy-made pants, there are a couple of tops I wanted to make, and I've been wanting to add a garland to the house.  And so begins another busy week...

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  1. Nice to see creative use of the Geometrigraph & Polygraph Set. I tried to buy one recently from Lee Valley Tools and they are out of stock for two months. Seems like no other place sells them. Did you get yours through there?