Wednesday, January 25, 2012

remember when

This week's journal challenge by Emily was titled "how we met."  This page is a bit crazy as I've been learning about different art journaling techniques online, and had to try some of them out.  I'm not sure if I'm a fan of alcohol inks on packing tape yet - this might work better in a bigger collage that's finished with gel medium - but I'm really enjoying stamping and painting in many, many layers.  One thing I have learned is to lighten my colors when experimenting, so I can write on them later.  I'm also sticking to the rule of using up everything, so I will take any paint from another project and just put it on a page for future journaling.

I've never really gotten the idea of art journaling as an end in itself before, but I like using this challenge to get to know my paint colors and how materials work together, so when I use them in other mixed media work, I'm not just experimenting anymore.  I can't promise all the pages will be attractive, but they will all be colorful!

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